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Meet the third (and tallest, 5'9 hehe) m

Alyssa is 24 years old and a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University with her Bachelor’s degree in Communications: Multimedia Journalism.  She is a media extraordinaire with experience as a News Producer and Reporter. Alyssa is an outgoing, bubbly, funny and honest friend and sister. More importantly, she LOVES JESUS.

Aside from ministering with A4L, Alyssa absolutely loves the ministry of the Holy Spirit (Supernatural Ministry). She became passionate about hearing God’s voice day-in an day-out when she received a prophetic word in middle school calling forth the prophetic in her. Alyssa has started bible studies, worship groups, and prayer meetings in college and encouraged those around her to walk in the calling God has placed in their lives. Alyssa’s influence has led people to Christ and deliverance through God’s Spirit. Alyssa wants others to experience the fullness of God just as she has!

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