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Alaynia, 29,  is the eldest & an alumni of Governors State University. Prior to finishing College, Alaynia attended a ministry internship called Masters Commissioned where she received hands on ministry training. She holds her degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in Psychology & Communications. She is an optimist, an encourager, has a jovial personality, and a creative. She enjoys expressing her creativity through art, dance, & songwriting to name a few.


Alaynia gets excited seeing people come into the understanding of Jesus Christ. She enjoys seeing the spark in individuals realizing He has been the answer all along. Walking in the gifts of the spirit and sharing her personal testimony in child birth, Alaynia has ministered to countless individuals, nationally & internationally, and seen the gifts work in everyday life. Alaynia's heart is for children and youth. She emphasizes, if you can get children and youth to love & serve Jesus while they are young, they will follow him for their whole lives. Alaynia is a prophetic intercessor and has seen prayer rectify situations and change storylines & outcomes. Alaynia has been married 4 years and has one son.

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